3 reasons why social media moderation is important

3 reasons why social media moderation is important

In 2019, social media represents an ideal opportunity to stand out from the competition and attract potential customers, while ensuring that your audience is entertained. Often overlooked, the moderation of comments on your social media plays a crucial role in the e-reputation of your company.
For the past ten years, social networks have represented a huge crossroads within which brands can position themselves and communicate around their products and services for commercial purposes. Before that, the message flowed one way from the brand to the customer, but gradually the communication took the form of a real conversation during which the customer gives his opinion, questions, and expectations a quick answer.

Connect with your audience on social media

Excellent customer service goes through social networks that allow you to be accessible and get closer to your customers and prospects. According to statistics, 34.5% of consumers prefer to approach brands through social media. These outperform other channels like live chat (24.7%), email (19.4%), and phone (16.1%). The problem is that 90% of messages to businesses on social media are simply ignored. Studies show that Internet users have a positive opinion of brands when they respond to their messages. On the other hand, if complaints or questions go unnoticed, it can lead to a negative user experience, which can impact your platforms. It's simple: the more you respond to your audience, the more likely they will interact with your page, which could dramatically

increase your engagement rate later.

Prevent controversy and bad press with moderation
With the number of subscribers increasing on your page, you also increase the risk of controversy. Whether on social media, a forum, or even the blog of another competing website, a "bad buzz" can quickly tarnish your e-reputation if it is not properly managed by a team of network specialists. Social media managers regularly comb through a company's various platforms for the slightest trace of negative press.

Get feedback and suggestions from your customers

Moderation is ideal for harvesting new ideas that will be used for your future products or services. Internet users who comment on your platforms sometimes make relevant suggestions for improving your brand strategies. Never forget to take advantage of negative reviews, as they can help you identify potential weak points in your products or services and lead you to an interesting evolution process.

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