5 marketing opportunities related to chatbots

5 marketing opportunities related to chatbots

-The chatbot at the service of your brand image
A chatbot interacts directly with Internet users and therefore allows the brand to strengthen links with its customers or prospects. He is a true spokesperson for the brand who acts in line with its values ​​and its positioning. The chatbot also makes it possible to unify the customer journey and thus guarantee the same quality of service to all Internet users.

-The chatbot to improve your customer service
The chatbot has the advantage of being available 24/7, unlike your customer service. The chatbot is therefore more reactive and makes the customer experience more fluid by making the information requested quickly accessible and by being able to offer solutions immediately to Internet users. It can also help relieve your customer service, which can then focus more on complex issues with higher added value.

-The chatbot to generate leads
A chatbot can boost lead generation by implementing different scenarios. The chatbot is able to guide the user to the act of purchase thanks to the information communicated to him. The chatbot can also adopt an incentive behavior vis-à-vis the prospect such as offering to subscribe to a newsletter or to complete his purchases according to what he has already bought or the last products he has consulted. , for example.

-The chatbot to develop and make customer databases
The chatbot allows you to get to know your customers better and refine their segmentation. Specific scenarios can be created to encourage Internet users to provide as much information as possible, such as filling out a form example. The chatbot collects and analyzes the data to help you get to know your customers better, aiming to offer an ever more personalized experience.

-The chatbot to develop a close relationship with its customers
The chatbot makes it easier to create and maintain contact with customers and to make the customer experience more human.
The chatbot can:
Assist and even
Retain your customers.
It can therefore intervene at all the stages that punctuate the customer journey. By improving the knowledge of its customers, the chatbot also allows you to better segment them and therefore personalize the answers provided, according to the different customer profiles. Such proximity makes it possible to retain more customers because it promotes the creation of a relationship of trust.