An immersion in users’ news

An immersion in users’ news

According to Re/Code, American Instagram users were able to view the new feature of the communication platform on Halloween: an exclusive video and totally immersive stream. Indeed, these videos were broadcast on the entire smartphone without borders, text, or even the number of Likes.
In summary, the new concept of Instagram allows its Internet users to select the most popular content relating to a particular and recent event so that it is more easily accessible.
But Instagram is not the only one to have developed this idea. It comes to compete with Snapchat, the emperor of entertainment and the first to have launched a similar feature with its "Live Stories": stories made up of photos and videos provided both by users and by the Snapchat staff present on site, which make it possible to cover various events such as concerts or sporting events.
As for Twitter, the micro-blogging platform has recently offered its Internet users "Moments", a feature that compiles the latest information about the areas they like (sport, entertainment, news, etc.). Instagram is thus riding the wave of infotainment, a type of content that Internet users no longer do without and consider essential.
So, thanks to these new features, social platforms have access to a new type of income in the form of branding and advertising partnerships. This transition from Instagram is therefore not a surprise.

The Impact on the social strategy of brands: Towards the omnipotence of newsjacking?

In recent years, brands have tried to take advantage of these functional innovations by relying on newsjacking. The idea? Hijack news by injecting your ideas into it to produce content in order to generate visibility and engagement on social media.
Indeed, brands increasingly want to play on the news to:
– Put yourself as a specialist in a sector.
– Promote a product.
– Give credibility to its brand.
– Be perceived as a contributor by journalists.
This allows them to create surprise while standing out from their competitors. Indeed, this reactivity associated with a dose of spontaneity makes it possible to attract subscribers, share, and exchange with its customers.
Nevertheless, there is now a question for a brand to bounce back on these changes: from a self-centered communication, it now positions itself on subjects or highlights that are fundamentally far from its sphere of expertise and can even, sometimes, make newsjacking the mainstay of its communication.
B2C companies are today not applauded for their quality of service/product or their customer relationship but for their ability to draw inspiration from the news, to divert it to their advantage. But beware of excess.
Bouncing on the news without making sense for its brand image and values ​​takes brands away from their area of ​​expertise. Indeed, the benefits of newsjacking are extremely short-lived and some brands forget to include their use in a global social media strategy; it should therefore be used with tact and relevance.
Before daring to speak on a given current topic, it is still necessary to ensure the legitimacy of the brand to do so.

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