Are my Google Ads optimal?

Are my Google Ads optimal?

One of the fundamental points for the success of a Google AdWords campaign is also based on the visibility and attractiveness of your advertisements, as well as their redirections.
The click rate (number of clicks recorded on a clickable element compared to the number of displays of the element). on your ads depends on it, which is a crucial element for the calculation of the Quality Score. In the end, a good QS potentially allows a better position and/or a lower CPC. Therefore, it is essential to take the greatest care with your advertisements:
Highlight your main arguments, and use calls to action as much as possible, which bring dynamism to your message.
The integration of KeyWord tags which have the function of repeating the request of the Internet user, particularly in the title, can also prove to be effective in boosting your click rate (number of clicks recorded on a clickable element compared to the number of displays of the element. If a banner ad is displayed 1000 times and clicked 5 times, the click rate is therefore 0.5%).
It is recommended to integrate at least 3 ads per AdGroup, to be able to test different variants of titles, arguments, and/or turns of phrase: after a while, you will be able to evaluate their respective performances and find out what Internet users are the most sensitive.
Increase your visibility and the attractiveness of your ads by making maximum use of ad extensions. This will allow you to occupy more space in the search results and bring up additional commercial arguments.
Note: the integration of ad extensions goes directly into the calculation of the quality score.

Conversion tracking: is it set up correctly?

To monitor and optimize your campaign regarding the business objectives you have set, it is essential to set up Google Ads Conversion Tracking.This will allow you to observe the behavior of people who have arrived on your site via your paid advertisements as part of their web browsing, and to follow the specific actions they have taken there. The data collected will allow you to identify which campaigns, which keywords, and which advertisements perform best, in terms of volumes but also in terms of acquisition costs.
Depending on the volumes and the different levels of profitability observed, you will be able to refine your management and adjust the investments of your Google Ads campaign in an optimal way.
Finally, correctly deployed Google Ads conversion tracking allows you to categorize your prospects into audiences (for example Retargeting audiences), with which you can then interact in a personalized and therefore more qualified way.

Audiences and combinations of audiences

The navigation of visitors on your site can provide you with valuable information to improve your conversion rate, and thus maximize the return on investment (ROI) of your Google AdWords campaign: are you using this data, and are you exploiting it in an optimal way?
To access the multitude of possible uses of the data collected, and for example, as part of a Display marketing strategy, it is important that your audiences are classified and segmented in a consistent manner.
You will thus be better able to adapt your bids to the expected potential of each audience, and thus broadcast the right message to the right category of Internet users. This is obviously likely to increase the chances of achieving the desired conversion.

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