Bluesky Surpasses 2M Users Gears Up for Future Expansions

Bluesky Surpasses 2M Users Gears Up for Future Expansions

Bluesky is a new social media site that just reached a big milestone: 2 million users, a year after it first opened. For a site that only opened to users in February and still only lets people in by invitation, this is a big deal. This accomplishment is even more amazing when you consider that Bluesky just recently hit 1 million users in September. This shows that the platform is becoming more popular and its user base is growing quickly.

The people who work on Bluesky have also said that a public web interface will be available by the end of November. With this new look, anyone can see posts on the site, even if they don't have an account.

This change should make the service easier to get to and make posts more obvious to people who might want to use it. This will help especially for real-time comments and breaking news. Bluesky's plan to make its material easier to find fits with the way people use social media today, where quick access to information and real-time updates are highly valued.

Bluesky wants to become a more open and free platform in the future. The team has talked a lot about the creation of Federation, which is set to start early next year. Federation is a term for an autonomous and spread-out social network system in which data is stored on computers that are run by different people.

With this method, users are in charge of their own information and can keep their posts and friends even if they leave the site or the service goes away. The Bluesky team is working on the AT Protocol to make this possible. They want to make the platform "billionaire-proof" by letting users choose and leave without being limited by what private companies or algorithms decide.

It's a big step forward for social media to move toward federation because it gives people more control over their online identity and data. It's a reaction to growing worries about data privacy and how social media sites are becoming too centralized, letting a few people make choices that affect a lot of people's online lives.

Bluesky is a platform to keep an eye on as the world of social media changes. It is growing quickly, will soon have a public web interface, and has plans for union. Bluesky is looking more and more like a good choice for people who want to try out new sites and take more control of their online profile.

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