Can Instagram followers be bought?

Can Instagram followers be bought?

Many websites now offer services to boost your Instagram account with followers which will allow your page to grow and rank at the top of Instagram search results. These sites offer a large number of offers such as the purchase of likes, comments, and views but above all they allow you to buy free Instagram followers.

The best ways to obtain Instagram followers for free

A method that works very well and that allows you to boost your Instagram account for free, this method is simply to follow the followers of your competitors. You will then obtain new prospects of choice because they are already interested in your sector of activity. The purpose of this method is when you have followed some persons, they will go directly to your Instagram page if they like the content of your page, they will follow your account.
This technique can also be adapted to Instagram comments. You will then obtain an even more engaged community. Indeed, posting a comment on your competitors' pages is similar to the 1st method (following your competitors' followers). However, this method is relatively limited.
Indeed, after you have subscribed to a bunch of Instagram pages, you will have to unsubscribe from them otherwise you end up with an Instagram account with 3 times more subscriptions than subscribers.
Another method is to like the photos of someone who would probably be interested in your profile. This technique is however much less effective than the follow /unfollow but has a great advantage over the latter (you no longer need to unsubscribe because the likes you have made are not visible on your profile.)

Can these last 3 methods be automated?

All these steps can be done manually, but it is still very laborious and time-consuming. It makes you better opt for a robot to which you can delegate this work.
with some tools present on the net, you can automatically like, comment, and follow Instagrammers. Thanks to this method, you can automatically get new followers 100% free without wasting time.