Choose your channels wisely

Choose your channels wisely

You don't need to be on all social media channels, so you must save your resources for those channels that will impact your business the most and will contribute to achieving your goals.

Twitter is perfect for middle-aged people

There are about 330 million active users on Twitter from around the world. Twitter attracts more than a third of those aged between 13 and 29 and more than a quarter of those aged between 30 and 49, with an audience that is almost equally gendered. Most Twitter users are in college and nearly 33 percent of them earn $75,000 or more annually, so Twitter is one of the best social media platforms to reach a professional audience. It might not be the best bet if you want to reach a rural or older audience.

Instagram is the best when you want to reach a younger audience

Instagram now has 1.5 billion active users worldwide. More than 60 percent of people aged 18-29 use it and half of the people aged between 30 and 49 use it. Instagram is very popular, especially among women and girls and it is well suited when you have a lot of visual content to share and when you want to build relations or want to reach a wide audience. However, Instagram is not the best for sales, especially because you can't include clickable links in your posts.

LinkedIn is the best platform for older professionals

Although LinkedIn doesn't have the numbers that Twitter and Instagram have, with around 310 million active users, it's the place to be if you want to reach college graduates and high-income earners. Also, this platform is where you should be if you are marketing between companies, considering the presence of each of the companies listed in the “The Fortune Global 500” list on the platform.

Facebook attracts everyone, including people over 65 years old

With 2.9 billion active users, Facebook surpasses all other social networks, and it reaches almost everyone regardless of their demographic background. At least 50% of every age group uses Facebook, except for people 65 and older, in this case, the Facebook platform attracts 46% of them, but it outperforms by 8% anyway.

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