Choosing your web marketing agency: What criteria to consider?

Choosing your web marketing agency: What criteria to consider?

After all this commonsense advice, we are well advanced, you will say! In concrete terms, what method should I use and what criteria should I use to choose my Google Ads expert web marketing partner?
An audit of your advertising accounts and your digital acquisition strategy can be interesting, but in general, competent agencies will present you with the same analyzes and recommendations.
In the end, it will not be a differentiating criterion, your choice will not be made easier. Except of course if you compare a multi-specialist firm and a generalist firm, for example.
In our view, the correct method is to base your assessment on the following criteria:

1st criterion: certifications

Google Ads Partner Premier or Google Partner certifications are a minimum requirement. They sanction a Google Ads expertise but also more generally a skill in the management of sponsored links campaigns, Display marketing, and Social Ads. Working with AdWords experts is necessary but not sufficient.

2nd criterion: size

The number of employees as such is, in our opinion, of little importance. What is important is that the fees you pay to the agency do not represent a marginal volume compared to its turnover.
It is about the quality of the support that will be implemented and the commitment of the team. In general, choose an agency that suits you.

3rd criterion: specializations

Some consulting firms have made a specialty of activating Google Ads levers, others Social Ads levers. Still, others are multi-specialists.
Opt preferably for a multi-specialist consulting partner who can offer you varied solutions adapted to your objectives (and not to their skills ;-), but with proven expertise on the most promising levers for your market or the most complex to activate.

4th criteria: experiences

Some agencies are specialized in the B2B sectors, while others have developed their expertise in the e-commerce sector. It is the job of your acquisition consultant to exercise their curiosity and deploy tailor-made web marketing tactics that meet your objectives.
Prefer a Google ads agency that already has experience in your industry or that has enough experience to have dealt with any type of context.
As such, Ekko Media, with 15 years of experience, has implemented its skills for almost all sectors of activity. However, some sectors have our favorites. This is the case in the B2C service sector.
For example, we have developed very strong expertise in the training sector, with tailor-made social ads tactics.

5th criterion: the seniority of the consultants

The consultants accompanying you must be experienced. This excludes a priori agencies that have an industrial process and call on junior consultants or even beginners for less strategic accounts.
Ask to meet the people who will accompany you, and make sure of their experience: the return on your advertising investments depends on it, and ultimately your growth!
Beyond the objective criteria, expertise, experience, and methodology, evaluate the subjective criteria. With equal skills, they are the ones who will make the difference between two candidates: what are the values ​​of the agency?
Among the subjective criteria on which your partner's values ​​are based, we invite you to ask yourself at least the following:

6th criterion: personalization of responses

To what extent are the consulting partner's proposals for activating or optimizing acquisition levers personalized: does it offer you standardized solutions or methodology or, on the contrary, tailor-made responses adapted to your context, your budget, and your goals? For instance:
If you are targeting the achievement of a rapid ROI, prefer tactics that allow you to reach the intentions.
 If your priority is the development of notoriety and traffic, Video Advertising may be relevant.
 If you are accelerating your business, and you are aiming for the sustainability of actions, natural referencing seems appropriate.

7th criterion: transparency and integrity

The conditions of support and invoicing are clear and transparent. Are the outsourced services clearly specified, if so, are they invoiced in euros/euro, or are they subject to flat-rate invoicing?
If there is a commitment over time, how is it justified? Is the justification underpinned by the interest of the agency or the project?
To answer your questions about the values ​​of the company, there is of course nothing like meeting the managers and especially interviewing the clients of the agency.

8th criterion: transmission and commitment

When we love, we do not count! Passionate and involved consultants pass on their skills. Apart from time management, of course, there should be no limit to explaining the actions that are carried out.
Beyond the results, everyone must find their way around a win/win relationship. Transmission, in both directions, is an integral part of the winning equation to make a relationship a real lasting, and fruitful partnership for all.
This culture of transmission and commitment at the antipodes of industrial and standardized approaches can be perceived in the first exchanges with the future partner.
In conclusion, whatever your context, the choice of a strictly SEA agency is probably not the right one.
Instead, opt for a multi-specialist partner in the paid and organic acquisition, with strong SEA – Google Ads expertise and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in general.