Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty

In terms of social networks, brands are increasingly looking for ways to retain their customers as much as possible. A funny way has appeared: the offer of temporary promotions or discount vouchers, in order to always maintain a regular consumption rate.
Coupon codes have strong popularity among young social media users; 6 out of 10 Internet users have already used a discount voucher on the Internet over the past year, with more than 70% for 25-34-year-olds. Brands have every interest in using this new momentum since they can target both men and women on this subject.
46% of users find their coupons via newsletters, specialized sites or social networks, and certain opinion leaders such as bloggers and influencers.

Discount coupons on social media

The discount voucher is a powerful economic spring for brands; it is the decision-maker of the act of purchase for 81% of Internet users. Customer/brand loyalty is decisive. Thanks to a discount coupon, the brand will benefit from the satisfaction of its customer, who will renew his/her purchase more easily in the following weeks.
It is at this precise moment that social networks come into play: the organization of contests on Facebook can prove to be a very suitable mechanism for giving a fan the benefit of various reduction coupons. A brand may have to win twice because while creating interaction on its page, it will generate the purchase of one of its products thanks to the famous reduction coupon included in the endowment. This thus makes it possible to establish a social-to-store mechanism, in other words, to push the Internet user to go to the store to benefit from the advantage and consume at the same time.
You can also win a promo code included in the form of an ephemeral Facebook advertisement broadcast on Facebook or Twitter, valid only for a few hours and available on the website, which will in particular optimize traffic to the brand's website.
The number of likes on a Facebook or Instagram photo, and the number of RTs on a tweet can also be winning factors.
Discount vouchers, therefore, play a major role for brands today, especially via social networks because Internet users can share their emotions following this famous profit.

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