Did Twitter Change its Algorithm in 2024

In early 2024, many social media marketers and influencers noticed a significant drop in engagement on their Twitter posts. Tweets that were previously performing well seemed to suddenly stop reaching as many people. Hashtags that had reliably gained exposure in the past were no longer pulling in new followers and likes at the same rate. Some speculated that Twitter may have tweaked its algorithm in a way that impacted how posts are distributed and ranked.

The rumors started when a popular social media consultant posted on their blog that their tweets were being seen by 50% fewer people according to Twitter's own analytics. They hypothesized that the platform changed how it determines which tweets are prioritized in users' timelines.

Previously, factors like hashtags, mentions, retweets and engagement seemed to boost tweets higher in users' feeds. But now it seemed as though fresh, original content was favored more than recycled tweets or tweets with an overly promotional tone.

Other social media managers and influencers chimed in on social media forums to say they were experiencing similar drops, around 30-50% less impressions on their tweets according to Twitter's stats. The timing seemed to suggest a stealth algorithm update was deployed in late January 2024 that deprioritized certain types of tweets. Twitter, however, did not publicly acknowledge making any changes to how tweets are algorithmically sorted or distributed to users.

Some experts posited that Twitter's algorithm likely aims to reduce overly promotional content and prioritize tweets that spark new discussions or interest. Showing users the same tweets from brands and influencers over and over in their feeds would not keep people engaged.

By rewarding tweets with unique hashtags, relevant links and replies with new perspectives rather than just retweets, Twitter can deliver a fresher stream of content to each person. It makes sense that as a business, Twitter would want to optimize for higher engagement on the platform rather than just more tweets and impressions that may not translate to more time spent or new followers.

Whether or not Twitter did in fact update their algorithm behind the scenes, it's clear that social media marketers need to reconsider their strategies. Rather than relying on the same promotional approaches, they need new tactics that deliver value to audiences.

Creating more original, insightful content is key rather than just chasing vanity metrics like retweets. Involving audiences in discussions and soliciting new perspectives can help tweets spread more organically. It's also a good idea to monitor engagement rates more closely and be willing to test new angles. With some adjustment of focus, brands and influencers may be able to regain their previous levels of exposure on Twitter.

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