Elderly in China Embrace Social Media as Youth Access Is Restricted

Elderly in China Embrace Social Media as Youth Access Is Restricted

The Chinese government has been very strict about keeping young people from using social media sites like Douyin (which is like TikTok in Chinese), but older people are becoming more and more addicted to them. This change shows how people of different ages use social media is changing, which is especially interesting in a country known for having strict digital laws.

Gao Xiangjin, a 69 year old former soldier, is a good example of this trend. Gao used to be a big fan of American basketball, but now he's more interested in Chinese women's basketball, which he watches on Douyin.

His story is not unique; millions of Chinese seniors use social media to have fun, get news, and even shop. Part of the reason for this change is that smartphones and internet plans have become more affordable, making technology easier for older groups to use. The China Telecom package that comes with 30 gigabytes of data and 200 minutes can be bought for as little as $18.

It was the COVID-19 outbreak that made this change possible. Because of strict lockdowns and social separation measures, a lot of older people were looking for connection and company, which they found in the digital world. Not only do social media sites like Douyin provide fun, they also help people feel like they are part of a group. These sites have turned into places where older people can share their stories, learn new skills, and even shop online.

It's interesting to see that older people in China don't just passively use social media. A lot of people are starting to make their own material by sharing parts of their lives and hobbies. This trend is bridging the gap between generations in how much they use the internet and changing the idea that social media is mostly for young people.

In China, more and more older people are using social media. This is a sign of larger changes in society. Learning how to use digital tools is becoming more important for everyday jobs as the country moves toward a world without cash. Furthermore, these digital links help lessen the loneliness that many old people feel because their children may live far away.

This trend in China shows how popular social media is and how it can change to meet the needs of different groups. It also shows how important it is for people of all ages to know how to use technology in a world that is becoming more and more linked.

This change opens up new possibilities for companies and marketers, especially those who work with SMM panels. Understanding the different types of people who use social media, like older people, can help make marketing tactics that work better and include more people.

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