Elon Musk's Leadership on Twitter (X) After One Year

Elon Musk's Leadership on Twitter (X) After One Year

Tech mogul Elon Musk took over the huge social media site Twitter a year ago. Since then, Twitter has changed its name to "X." A lot of bad things have happened during this time, which shows Musk's unusual way of leading and his vision for the platform. At first, Musk's takeover made people curious and gave them hope for new ideas. But, as the numbers show, things have gone up and down.

The drop in daily active users is one of the most important changes that has happened since Musk took over as CEO. Shortly after he took over, the site had almost 260 million users. Now, it only has 245 million. This drop of about 3.7% is more than just a number; it shows how things are changing and how people feel about the platform.

The drop in daily new sign-ups and busy minutes spent on the site is more proof that users are less interested in it. These measures are important for any social media site, but they're especially important for people who want to use smm panels for marketing and participation. The drop in active users and engagement time could mean that social media marketing tactics will no longer work as well on the site.

Concerns have also been raised about the platform's financial health, especially its ability to make money from ads. Ad revenue on X has dropped a lot since Musk took over as CEO. Ad revenue is an important source of income for any social media site.

This drop is especially troubling for companies and marketers who use smm screens to advertise and promote their products. The drop in ad income could mean that advertisers are losing faith in the platform, which could make it harder for it to provide good advertising solutions.

Even with these problems, there have been some good things. While the addition of X Premium membership is a positive change, it hasn't yet made up for the losses in other areas. But this new way to make money shows that Musk is ready to try new things and find new ways for the platform to make money.

We look back on the past year of Elon Musk's time running X and see that the trip has not been easy. The site used to be a busy place where people could connect with each other and a key player for smm panels and marketers, but its future is now unclear. The changes that were made have had a range of effects, with some good things happening outweighed by big problems.

These changes are especially important for people who work in social media marketing. The health and activity of social media sites has a lot to do with how well smm panels and other marketing tools work. As X steers through these rough waters, businesses and marketers will have to change their plans to fit.

In the end, X has had a rough time under Musk's leadership, but it is still a platform with promise. Looking into smm panels can be helpful for people who want to improve their social media profile. And Great SMM is the only place you need to go for top-notch SMM services. There are many tools on our site that can help you make the most of your social media marketing. Go to Great SMM right now to get better at social media.