How Do I Add An Account To Meta Account Center?

How Do I Add An Account To Meta Account Center?

The Meta Account Centre is a centralised location where users can manage their Meta accounts and related activities. Meta is the firm behind well-known platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The Meta Account Centre acts as a portal for configuring preferences for privacy and navigating the growing metaverse. This step-by-step tutorial will help you through adding an account to the Meta Account Centre if you're unsure how to do it.

Go To The Meta Account Centre.

Make sure your Meta account is active before you start, or establish a new one if necessary. Locate the Account Centre by going to the Meta website ( Usually, you may locate it in the account settings area or in the top navigation bar. To access the hub, click the Account Centre link.

Log in to your Meta Account

Use your Meta account credentials to log in once you've reached the Account Centre page. Enter your password, then the email address or phone number linked to your Meta account. Meta offers methods to reset your password and restore access to your account if you have difficulties remembering it.

Go to the Connected Accounts section of the website

You'll arrive to the Account Centre home page after logging in. You can add and manage your accounts in the area marked "Connected Accounts" or a section with a name close to it. The "Add Account" or "Connect Account" button should be there in this area; click on it.

Choose the Platform or Service to Connect

A new window or dropdown menu will open when you click the "Add Account" button, displaying a number of platforms and services that can be linked to your Meta Account Centre. Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and other Meta-owned or related platforms might be in this list. By clicking on the name or icon of the platform you want to add, you can choose it.

Authorise the Account Connection

You will be asked to approve the connection between your Meta account and the chosen platform after choosing the preferred platform. By doing this, you can be sure you have the authority and permission to link the accounts. Consider logging into the platform and obtaining required rights before following the on-screen instructions, which usually include doing so.

Customise Account Settings (Optional)

You might be able to alter the settings for the newly joined account in the Meta Account Centre after the connection is made. These options may include sharing restrictions, notification preferences, and privacy restrictions. Review and modify these options as needed to suit your tastes.

Repetition (optional) for Additional Accounts

The procedure mentioned above can be repeated if you want to connect the Meta Account Centre to additional accounts. To link each subsequent account, just return to the "Connected Accounts" area, click "Add Account" once more, and then proceed as directed.

Manage Your Accounts and Switch Between Them

You can manage and move between all the desired accounts once you have added them to the Meta Account Centre. You may navigate between connected accounts, change settings, and access the features and information unique to each platform or service using the Account Center's user-friendly interface.