How Do I Make My Twitter Likes Private

How Do I Make My Twitter Likes Private

Users of Twitter's social media platform may like and retweet one other's messages. A tweet that you've liked will show up in your list of likes, which is accessible to anybody who views your profile. However, especially if they include private or delicate information, you might not want everyone to see your likes.

Go to Twitter and sign in.

Logging into your Twitter account on a computer or mobile device is the first step in keeping your Twitter likes private.

Access your Twitter account

After logging in, click on your profile image in the top right corner of the page to access your Twitter profile.

"Settings and privacy" should be clicked.

Click the "More" button, which is denoted by three dots in the left-hand menu, on your profile page. After that, select "Settings and privacy."

Decide on "Privacy and safety"

Select "Privacy and safety" in the "Settings and privacy" section's left-hand menu.

Find "Tweet privacy" by scrolling down.

Scroll down to the "Tweet privacy" option in the "Privacy and safety" section.

"Protect your Tweets" should be clicked.

Go to the "Tweet privacy" section and choose "Protect your Tweets."

Verify your choice.

If you wish to safeguard your Tweets, a pop-up window will prompt you to do so. To confirm your choice, click "Protect".

Check your account.

When you click "Protect," Twitter will prompt you to enter your password in order to confirm your account. Once your password has been entered, select "Confirm."

Your likes are no longer public.

Your tweets and likes are now secure after you have validated your account. Your tweets and likes will only be visible to individuals who are following you.

Congratulations! Your attempt to make your Twitter likes private has now been successful.

It's vital to keep in mind that your past tweets and likes will likewise be protected once you have secured your Tweets. As a result, the public will no longer be able to see any of your previous tweets or likes.

You may use the same procedures listed above to unprotect your Tweets if you change your mind and decide that you wish to make your tweets and likes public once more.

In conclusion, you may shield your private information from prying eyes by making your Twitter likes private, which is a straightforward process. You may make your Twitter likes private and manage who can view your tweets and likes by following these instructions. Protecting your Tweets can also block new followers from seeing your tweets and likes, so it might not be the ideal choice if you're trying to grow your Twitter following. Protecting your Tweets is a terrific method to keep your personal information secure on Twitter, though, if privacy is a high issue for you.