How Do I Turn On a Live Match Ranking on TikTok?

How Do I Turn On a Live Match Ranking on TikTok?

TikTok, the global hit in short-form video, continues to develop and add new features in order to keep its user base interested and amused. One such feature that has acquired popularity among users is "Live Match Ranking."

This feature is extremely popular among producers who hold live sessions on the site since it displays a real-time rating of presents received during the live stream. It not only gives the live sessions a competitive edge, but it also stimulates greater interaction and participation from the spectators. Here's how to enable the Live Match Ranking during a live session, whether you're a creator or a normal user.

First, make sure you have the most recent TikTok software installed on your smartphone. Apps are often updated by developers to add new features or improve current ones, thus having the most recent version is critical for accessing all functionality.

After checking for updates, open the TikTok app and go to your profile. You'll notice the "Live" option here, which is often represented by a video camera symbol. Start preparing for your live session by tapping on it. Before going live, you'll notice a number of settings and choices for personalising your live broadcast experience.

Look for the "Live Match Ranking" or a similar name among these possibilities (TikTok's naming convention may vary somewhat depending on area or update). When you enable this option, the real-time rating of gifts will be activated during your live session. To activate it, toggle the switch or press on the option. When enabled, you and your viewers will see a leaderboard-style rating on the screen, highlighting the top gifters in real-time.

It's worth mentioning that the Live Match rating function does more than just display the rating; it also adds a fun, competitive aspect to the live sessions. Viewers frequently appreciate the excitement of vying to be the best gifter, which can result in increased engagement and activity throughout the live stream. Recognising and recognising the top gifters as a creator may improve the experience for your visitors.

However, while the function is entertaining and participatory, it is critical that it be used safely. Ensure that your material is the major emphasis of the live session and that the ranking system is used as an additional layer of engagement rather than the main draw. After all, it's the actual substance and genuine connections that make live sessions genuinely unforgettable.

To summarise, TikTok's Live Match Ranking is an excellent tool for producers looking to improve their live streaming experience. By enabling this function, producers may encourage viewers to feel a feeling of community, competitiveness, and admiration. Consider activating the Live Match Ranking the next time you go live on TikTok and see the magic develop in real-time.

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