How much should I charge for social media marketing? Review article

How much should I charge for social media marketing? Review article

Anyone who wants to start a business on social media asks the same thing: How much should I charge for social media marketing? Usually 1,000 USD is sufficient for most small businesses. But before you start spending, there are some things you need to know. Here are the details:

How to create an account on Instagram? 


Using Instagram is not a big deal if you follow all the steps correctly. But before that know the purpose of creating an account on Instagram. There are many purposes to create an account. There are many types of accounts which enable you to get the benefits according to your needs. Some people create accounts to become famous, some of us want to connect to many people including celebrities. The others want to show their skills. This is the platform where you can find anything. Business to study everything is available with the great ideas on Instagram. As you decide the purpose you need to follow these steps so that you can use your Instagram account efficiently. 

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Step by step process use Instagram


1.         Creating account


Creating an account is not a big deal if you have an email account or a mobile number. Then you will be asked to choose a username. You will also be asked giving the options for your username if you like. Then a strong password is required to continue. Email or phone number, anything you can add to continue. You can even continue if you have a Facebook account and this is easier to get followers as you find all those Facebook friends who do have Instagram accounts. 


2.            Follow for follow back


From adding your profile picture and start following your Facebook friends to get followers back. Then click on your profile picture right in the bottom side to edit your profile. Click on the edit profile to continue the process. 


3.            Creating bio


Your bio is a short introduction about yourself and your page. Make it very creative and informative to attract more followers. As you switch to a professional account it will enable you to add your website, email address and the other details. If your account is private there will be no label available for you. So you need to describe who you are. 


4.            Find the people to follow


You can invite your friends sharing your profile with them, you can follow any page for what you are interested in. Celebrities, business hubs, talented people, writers etc are available on Instagram. You can follow anyone if it is not a private account. To follow a private account you need to request. You will get a follow back as well. 

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The other important steps for creating an account Instagram


5.            Edit name


You can edit and change your name anytime you want. Choose the name your friends know, so that they can find you to follow. 


6.            Change your profile picture


After adding one profile picture, you can change anytime. It is so easy. You can upload from your library or click a picture or directly import from the Facebook account. 


7.            Other settings


You can switch to any type of account from the settings. You can turn off your active status for privacy concerns. Other more settings are available for your facility. 


Many people find it difficult to create an account for them on Instagram. But these are very easy steps to get an account. Once you are able to make your account, you will use it like a pro. 

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