How to boost your notoriety with the creation of an activation?

How to boost your notoriety with the creation of an activation?

Social media is not about platforms.

Today, everything is social. A good notoriety campaign will be a viral campaign, therefore relayed in social media. So don't limit yourself when you think of activating to posts on social networks, or to media.
Think bigger, broader: an impactful and funny print, wild posting, street marketing, augmented reality activation… The important thing is to keep in mind that notoriety means making yourself known. And to make yourself known; you must talk about yourself. It doesn't matter what medium you do it on.
So don't limit yourself when you imagine your activation, but keep in mind its viral potential. This is what will increase its organic reach and make it successful.

Know your target

Getting known is one thing. But the important thing is to make yourself known to the right people. Identify your target beforehand, and do not hesitate to make selective choices. It is better to first speak to a very limited core target group, who will know you very well and create a real relationship of love brand with your brand, and then expand it through a second broader activation.
This will optimize the cost of activation: you will talk to fewer people, but better, and more efficiently. This is often preferable to too broad an activation which ends up giving less qualified results.
Once your target has been identified and determined, it is also a question of knowing it well. Who are his opinion leaders? What media does it follow? Because activation of notoriety also aims to generate press coverage. And here again, these results must be relevant and correlated to your target: no need to have articles in Elle magazine if you are targeting 20-year-old men, for example!

Consider influence

Difficult to escape it today, influence is an excellent activation relay and allows you to generate even more reach, and therefore more notoriety.
After identifying your target, define the influencers they follow; these must be considered as part of your activation. It is therefore not a question of using them as simple spokespersons or media relays, but of integrating them into the creative mechanics of your activation. This will indeed make it possible to co-create the activation with them and to rely on their advice; they are the ones who know their communities best, and who corresponds to your target! This will also play on the success of the notoriety “hit”: creatively integrating influence will make your activation even more unique and therefore potentially much more visible.

Integrate your community

You want to boost your notoriety: this means that the scope of your activation must be as large as possible. The objective is therefore to generate UGC (User Generated Content, content created by Internet users themselves).
So, think of your community as an integral part of your activation: imagine a mechanic that generates UGC, think of Instagrammable things, and do productizing that stays at home… Anything that can encourage the community to be themselves is a relay of influence.
And don't forget to reward it too! After all, the objective is also, in a second step, to create a lasting relationship with Internet users. So, include contests or prizes, thank them if they talk about you on social networks, put them forward, imagine shootings for your consumers, a vent to which they would have access, a pop-up store with promo codes… Everything is possible, as long as your community feels invested!