How to Change Twitter Join Date

How to Change Twitter Join Date

The user's Twitter join date is the day on which they first opened an account. The user cannot alter the date that is displayed on their profile. To update their Twitter join date, some users have tried a few different techniques. You might use the following methods to alter your Twitter join date.

HTML code editing

By modifying the HTML code of their Twitter profile, several users have reported having success changing their Twitter join date. This technique entails editing the HTML code of your Twitter profile and changing the join date by utilizing the Inspect Element tool in your web browser. This approach, however, is not advised because it can be challenging and could have unintended results, like your Twitter account being suspended or terminated.

Establishing a New Account

The simplest way to update your Twitter join date is to open a new Twitter account and fill it out with a different handle and set of profile details. Your new join date will reflect the day your new account was created as a result. This approach will, however, result in the loss of all your followers, tweets, and other information related to your previous account.

How to reach Twitter Support

You can ask Twitter support for a correction if you think your join date on Twitter is inaccurate. The likelihood of this method working depends on whether there is a real error or problem with your join date, such as if it was inadvertently set to a future date or if there was a problem with the account creation procedure. Be prepared to show evidence of your accurate join date, such as a screenshot of the email you received when you first created your account.

using services from third parties

Some third-party services make the assertion that they can alter your Twitter join date. These services, however, are not approved by Twitter and might not be dependable or secure to use. Your Twitter account can be suspended or terminated as a result of their breaking Twitter's rules of service.

Changing your Twitter join date is not an easy or simple process, to sum up. While using third-party services or rewriting HTML code to change one's membership date has worked for some users, it is not advised because it could have unforeseen implications.

Making a new account is the simplest way to modify your Twitter join date, but doing so will also result in the loss of all your followers, tweets, and other data from your previous account. The best course of action if you think your join date is erroneous is to contact Twitter support, but be ready to show documentation of your true join date. The join date listed on your Twitter profile is ultimately not a crucial piece of information and is unlikely to significantly affect how you use the service.