How to Change Your Display Name in Twitter in 2024

How to Change Your Display Name in Twitter in 2024

Changing your display name on Twitter is a simple process that only takes a few steps. Your display name is the name that others see when they view your Twitter profile or see your tweets. It can be different than your account name or handle, which is the permanent @username that begins with @. Many people choose to change their display name from time to time to match their brand, reflect a change in interests, or simply try out something new.

In 2024, Twitter has made some minor adjustments to where you can change your display name within the app and website. Previously, you could only change it in the 'Edit profile' section of your settings. Now, you'll find the option directly when viewing your own profile.

Simply click on your display name to be taken to an 'Edit profile' prompt where you can enter your new preferred name. You have the ability to enter up to 50 characters for your display name, so feel free to get creative with it within that limit.

Once you've entered your new display name, click 'Update profile' to save the change. It's important to note that changing your display name will not change your Twitter handle or username. That permanent @username that begins with @ will remain the same even if you modify your display name.

Your handle is what people must include to tag you in tweets or direct message your account. So make sure any display name you choose doesn't confuse people into thinking it has replaced your actual Twitter handle.

Another thing to be aware of is that very frequently changing your display name can negatively impact how others perceive your Twitter brand or cause confusion. It's best to choose a new display name thoughtfully and only change it every few months or when you have a good reason.

Consistency in how your profile presents yourself is important for growing a loyal following on Twitter. That said, an occasional change can help you experiment with different styles or representations of your personal brand.

One way some people like to get creative with their display name is by adding elements beyond just their name. You can include descriptors of your interests, location, or brand. For example, an SMM panel owner may have a display name like "Sarah's Social Media Marketing" or "Social Media Expert - New York."

Including relevant keywords makes your profile immediately communicable to others without requiring them to click through and learn more. It's a subtle form of advertising your services right on your profile. Just be sure not to make your display name solely about promoting without including your name as well.

Whether you choose to keep things simple with just your name or get more descriptive, the process remains the same. And changing your display name is reversible - you can always go back in and modify it again if you change your mind later or want to try something new.

Just remember that your Twitter handle is permanent, so be strategic about how you represent yourself across platforms for marketing purposes. Consistency in branding is important, but your display name allows some flexibility to experiment.

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Changing your Twitter display name is a simple process you can do within your profile settings. Be strategic about how frequently you modify it and how you represent yourself for branding purposes. And for effortless social media management across all platforms, look into Great SMM - one of the top SMM panels on the market for boosting your online presence without a lot of work. Their affordable plans make professional marketing accessible to all.