How to create stories on Instagram that engage?

Every Instagram user should consider Stories as an indispensable tool of the platform as they are powerful in terms of visibility and engagement. They have a high engagement rate, with more than 450 million visitors every day.
They have an average open rate of 28% and 15 to 25% of Internet users click on a story link. Stories are displayed on full screen, and it is impossible to see other content. You have the possibility of having the attention of the Internet user for at least a few seconds.

Create a story

It may seem banal, but to make an interesting story, you're going to need to tell a story or share something. Some authentic influencers share moments from their daily lives and meet with great success.
The reason? The Internet user has the impression of being part of the latter's life and does not want to miss anything since the stories are automatically deleted after 24 hours online. There are techniques so that your audience is no longer a simple spectator but an actor in your story!
For example, you can imagine talking about an event that will take place in the coming days, explaining the event, and making viewers want to follow what is going to happen. Make your audience want to come back to see your story the next day and the day after.

Use tools to energize visuals

Gifs are easy to add to your story with Instagram's story creation interface and immediately give a lighter touch to your stories that will get more attention from your audience. You can use a multitude of available emojis as well and animate your content with available music. As far as sound is concerned, don't forget to invite your audience to activate the sound to watch your videos, because most Instagram users would watch muted content.
There are many applications that allow you to create even more creative stories, in a very intuitive way and without the need for great graphic knowledge.

Be regular

We repeat it quite often in our articles! The key to success as an influencer or content creator on Instagram and on social media in general is consistency! You have to be patient and post regularly before you find success! Success will never happen overnight on Instagram, but with determination and rigor, you can achieve it too.
Post regularly! Why? Because if you disappear for several weeks, Instagram's algorithm will have completely forgotten about you.