How to develop and increase your community on YouTube?

To increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube you will have to upload videos regularly on your channel. That’s why we strongly recommend that you make your YouTube channel according to your specialty or the things you’re passionate about. For instance, if you do not travel often, it will be very difficult for you to share travel vlogs or a video about the hotels you have visited. Regularity is the key. A frequency of once a week on YouTube is strongly recommended. No need to post every day, otherwise you won't be able to keep up and make quality videos!

Be original and take care of your videos

• Your videos must be original and well-produced. No need to invest in a real filming studio and editing equipment at the start. A good camera and a good microphone will do the trick. However, it is necessary for the video to be of good quality, especially if there is a lot of competition in your niche. You need to catch the attention of visitors from the first seconds!

Train yourself and keep your eyes peeled!

To be sure to adopt the right techniques on YouTube, do not hesitate to train yourself! There are many tutorials on YouTube itself that will allow you to best configure your channel, use the right strategies, etc.
To understand how it works, don't hesitate to see what other influencers in your niche are doing. Do they have many subscribers? What hashtags are they using? What titles are used? How do they make their videos? Are they talking? On the contrary, do they favor the image? Get inspired to learn best practices, while adding your personal touch.

Promote your content

Using the right hashtags, dealing with a good subject, and making a nice video, that's good! But this will not allow you to take off from the start. To get more views, and therefore more subscribers afterward, you are going to have to promote your content by exposing it as much as possible. Do you have an Instagram or Facebook account? Share your new YouTube video. Do you have a good customer database by email? Send them your new video! In short, talk about it! Share! Views don't just happen!