How To Disconnect Instagram From Facebook

For many years, having an Instagram account was automatically tied to your Facebook profile. But you may want to separate the two for privacy or branding reasons. Fortunately, it's now possible to fully disconnect your Instagram account from Facebook with just a few taps.

To get started, open the Instagram app and go to your profile page by tapping the person icon in the bottom right. Next, tap the three lines in the top right and select "Settings." Then choose "Account" and scroll down to find the "Connected Accounts" section. Tap "Facebook" to view your connection.

Select the "Disconnect from Facebook" button to begin unlinking the two accounts. You'll be asked to confirm by entering your Instagram password. Once disconnected, your Facebook profile will no longer be associated or visible on Instagram. Any shared Facebook friends or contacts will not transfer over either.

It's important to note that disconnecting Instagram from Facebook is a one-way process. Your Facebook profile will remain unchanged and any posts you've shared to Facebook from Instagram in the past will stay intact. Only your Instagram account is disconnected from using Facebook login and sharing going forward.

Some benefits of disconnecting include keeping your Instagram followers and contacts separate from Facebook. You also gain more control over sharing preferences between the two platforms. And disconnecting may help protect your privacy if you want to keep certain networks more personal versus professional.

Just be aware that without the Facebook connection, you won't be able to log into Instagram using your Facebook credentials going forward. Make sure to remember your Instagram password or set up an alternate login method. And don't forget to update any external links or sign-ins that may connect to Instagram through Facebook.

With the right smm panel strategy, disconnecting the accounts allows you more flexibility to build unique communities and personas on each social network. Consider cross-promoting your Instagram handle on Facebook or vice versa to still leverage connections while keeping profiles separated. And be sure to consistently post engaging content to drive followers to whichever platform you focus growth efforts on.

We hope these tips help you successfully disconnect Instagram from Facebook and gain more control over how you use each individual account. Be sure to also check out our site Great SMM where we provide full smm panel management for affordable prices. With tools for automatic engagement, you can easily grow followers on Instagram or any other network.