How to Embed a Video in Twitter in 2023

How to Embed a Video in Twitter in 2023

Twitter is a powerful medium for distributing content with a large audience, including videos. By simply embedding videos in your tweets, you may deliver fascinating and dynamic content that attracts the attention of your followers.

To get started, launch the Twitter app on your mobile device or go to the Twitter website on your computer. Enter your username and password to access your Twitter account. Once logged in, you can create a new tweet or edit an existing one to embed a video.

If you're writing a new tweet, look for the tweet composer box, which is normally at the top of the Twitter homepage or accessible via the tweet button (represented by a feather icon). To begin crafting your tweet, click the tweet composer box.

You have two options for embedding a video: uploading a video directly to Twitter or embedding a video from another platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Within the tweet composer box, click the media button (typically represented by an image symbol). A file explorer will appear, allowing you to choose the video file to upload. Select the relevant video from your device, and Twitter will begin uploading it instantly. You can add text or captions to your tweet after the video has been uploaded to provide context or more information.

Option 2: Embedding a Video from Another Platform: To embed a video from another platform, you must first obtain the embed code for the video. Locate the share or embed option for the exact video you wish to embed on the platform where the video is hosted (e.g., YouTube). When you select the embed option, the platform will generate an embed code for you. Copy and paste the embed code into your clipboard.

Return to the Twitter tweet composer and immediately insert the embed code into the tweet. Twitter will recognise the code and integrate the video into your tweet automatically.

After embedding the video in your tweet, preview it to confirm that the video is displayed correctly. Check the tweet for any additional content, hashtags, or mentions that you want to include. When you're finished, click the "Tweet" button to share your tweet with the linked video.