How to Get Blue Tick on Twitter

How to Get Blue Tick on Twitter

Having a verified Twitter account means that your account is not spamming or manipulating followers. This is a huge benefit because being verified on Twitter increases credibility and reduces the likelihood of your account being hacked.

Before you can get a blue tick on Twitter, you must first provide the platform with details about your account. The information you need to submit includes your email address, phone number, and profile image. You must also confirm that your account is real. In addition, you must be able to prove that your account has no lockouts.

After your account has been verified, it will have a blue check mark next to its name. If you are wondering why you need to get a verified Twitter account, keep in mind that this is the new standard for online activity. Unlike the legacy verified account that only required users to prove their identity, the new account requires a confirmed email and phone number as well.

As part of the updated verification process, you will need to pay a monthly subscription. However, the amount that you will have to pay is not set in stone. It will vary depending on where you live. Currently, the subscription fee is $7.99. But the company said it will expand the service in the coming months.

The original verification system on Twitter gave blue check marks to accounts that were notable. These included government and media outlets, medical professionals, and celebrities. Accounts that received the blue check mark were a great source of information and thought leadership.

Now, there are other social networks that have their own systems for verifying user identities. Some of them are free to use. Others require a subscription. To avoid getting a bad reputation, you need to make sure you follow the rules and not engage in any illegal activity.

You can use the official website to confirm your identity. For example, you can use a government-issued photo ID or your phone number to verify your account. While this might seem simple, it can be difficult to determine whether an account is a legitimate one.

The new verification program will include 400,000 verified accounts in 2021. However, if your account does not follow the rules, you could lose your verified status. Fortunately, you can continue using the social network even if you do not have a verified status.

Once you have your verified account, you can edit your tweets and add a customized app icon. Additionally, you can post long videos. Also, you will be able to access fewer ads and get a priority ranking for quality content. Moreover, you will be able to customize the navigation bar of your account.

Getting a blue check on Twitter is relatively easy. All you need is an active account and proof of your identity. Ultimately, it is important to remember that your Twitter account must be authentic and notable. Getting a verified account does not guarantee that you will have a large following. Still, it is a great way to build your brand's reputation.