How to Modify Your Facebook Main Email

How to Modify Your Facebook Main Email

You probably have several email addresses that you use for various purposes if you're like most people. There could be three different email accounts you use: one for work, one for personal emails, and one for online shopping. If you've been using Facebook for a time, you might have created your account using one of these email addresses. But, you can change your primary email on Facebook if you've stopped using that email address or if you simply want to use a new email address for Facebook. This is the procedure.

First, access Facebook.

Logging into your account is the first step towards changing your primary email on Facebook. Visit Facebook's home page ( and log in using your email address and password if you haven't already.

Navigate to Your Account Settings

To access the account menu after logging in to Facebook, click the down arrow in the top right corner of the screen. Go to the menu and select "Settings."

Under the left menu, select "Contact."

Click "Contact" in the left menu of your Facebook account settings.

Click "Add Another Email or Cell Phone"

You'll find a listing of your current primary email address under the "Contact Details" section. Click the "Add another email or mobile number" link to add a new email address.

Insert your new email address

Fill out the field for your new email address in the "Add Contact Data" pop-up window. You'll need to authenticate the email address you enter later, so double check it.

Check Your New Email Address

Facebook will email that address a verification request once you've entered your new email address. Find the email from Facebook in your inbox, click the link to validate your email address, and then open your email. Check your spam or junk mail folder if the email isn't in your inbox.

Designate your new email as your primary email address.

Return to your Facebook account settings and click "Contact" once more after validating your new email address. Your updated email address ought to now appear under "Contact Details." Click the "Edit" button next to your new email address, then choose the "Use this email for Facebook login" checkbox to make it your primary email address. To make your new email address your primary email on Facebook, click "Save Changes."

Delete your old email address (Optional)

You can delete your old email address from your account settings if you no longer want to use it for Facebook. To accomplish this, click "Edit" next to your old email address, then "Remove." To confirm the removal, you must enter your Facebook password.

I'm done now! Your Facebook main email has been updated. From this point forward, notifications and messages will be sent to your new email address. Simply repeat these steps if you ever wish to change your primary email address again in the future.

In conclusion, changing your Facebook primary email is a simple process that can be finished in a few simple steps. You may make sure that your Facebook account is linked to the email address you choose to use by following the instructions given above.