How To Post A Long Video On Instagram

Many content creators want to share longer videos with their Instagram followers but are unsure how due to Instagram's standard 60-second limit. Fortunately, there are some workarounds to post extended video clips. One such method is to upload the full, long-form video to a hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo and post a link in your Instagram bio directing viewers there. From their SMM panel, marketers can link bios to external sites to direct traffic.

Another option is to break the longer video into multiple shorter clips, each under 60 seconds. These clips can then be uploaded as a series of posts on Instagram. SMM professionals may do this as part of a longer campaign, spacing each clip out over several days for maximum engagement. Be sure to use consistent hashtags and captions to keep the series cohesive.

A third workaround is to post the full video to Instagram Stories, which allows up to 60 minutes per clip. From their SMM, marketers can easily share stories to profiles. Viewers can watch the entire video in the story format without interruption. However, stories disappear after 24 hours so the content won't remain in your Instagram feed.

For a more permanent long-form video solution on the Instagram feed itself, you can try uploading the full clip as an IGTV post. IGTV allows videos up to 10 minutes in length directly on Instagram. SMM experts should promote new IGTV videos on their profiles and through Instagram ads for greater reach. Some also stitch together multiple shorter IGTV clips to tell a longer narrative, similar to breaking a video into multiple posts.

Keep in mind that regardless of the method, long-form videos are less likely to be watched in their entirety than shorter clips. Viewers have short attention spans on social media. For that reason, SMM professionals may want to highlight short segments or timestamps of interest in their captions to keep people engaged. Using relevant hashtags from their SMM panel can also help extend the video's life beyond those who see it on the initial upload.

In summary, there are several workarounds for sharing long-form video content on Instagram despite the standard 60-second limit. By thoughtfully selecting the right format and using strategies like external linking, breaking into clips, IGTV or Stories, SMM marketers can overcome this hurdle. With some creativity and by leveraging tools in their SMM panel, any length video can find its audience on the visual platform that is Instagram.

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