How to Post a Video on Facebook

How to Post a Video on Facebook

Whether you're a social media junkie or simply have a passion for video, you can use Facebook to your advantage. Aside from sharing photos, videos can be uploaded from your mobile device or from your computer. Whether you're looking to share a one-of-a-kind video or you want to share your latest movie review, you can do so using the Facebook app.

One of the simplest ways to upload a video to Facebook is by going to your profile page and tapping the "Photo" button to the right of your cover photo. Next, you can scroll down to the Upload HD video options and enable them. As long as you have the proper settings, you'll be able to upload a HD video to Facebook. If you have a poor internet connection, however, you won't be able to do much.

The Facebook app also enables you to add photos to albums and tag friends in your video. This can be done on the desktop version of the app or in the mobile version on Android and iOS.

As far as the Facebook video uploading process goes, it's a bit different for mobile and desktop. First, you must be logged in to your Facebook account. Then, you must select the video you want to upload from your camera roll or from your PC. You can add tags and subtitles to your video, too. When your video is finished uploading, you can choose to either post it or let friends do it for you. If you choose to post your video on Facebook, you'll be able to see it in your News Feed and on your Timeline. You'll also receive a notification when your video is ready to go.

The Facebook app also enables you add videos to albums, which are a more user-friendly option to the time consuming Facebook timeline. If you're looking to upload a longer video, you'll want to make sure your connection is up to the task. This is especially true if you want to add comments to the video.

In addition to the Facebook app, you can also upload videos from your computer and your mobile device, or you can let your friends add videos to your albums. All of the options are great ways to show off your latest video. You can even share your video in a news feed if you're feeling generous.

Facebook videos can be as short as 26 seconds or as long as 120 minutes. You can upload videos up to 4 GB in size. You'll want to be sure to have a solid internet connection and a good wifi connection if you're uploading videos that will be viewable in the future.

The Facebook app also has a few other interesting features, such as the ability to post comments on videos. However, you won't be able to post the video to your Timeline unless you have permission from the owner of the video. Adding comments to your video is a great way to invite your friends to share longer-form thoughts.