How To See Someone's Recent Followers On Instagram 2024

Keeping up with who is following you and who you are following on Instagram is important for growing your profile and engagement. Many users are curious to see who their friends and influencers they follow have recently gained as followers.

In 2024 Instagram made it slightly more difficult to view recent followers on other profiles by removing the option to see followers lists, however there are still some ways to get a glimpse of recent adds to someone's follower count.

The first method is to simply visit the profile of the person you want to check recently added followers for. Scroll through their posts until you see ones from a month or two ago. Take note of how many likes and comments those older posts received.

Then scroll back up to their most recent post. Compare the engagement metrics like likes and comments between the older posts and newer ones. A noticeable increase could indicate the profile has gained popularity and picked up new followers recently who are engaging more on fresh content.

Another sign of new followers is if the account holder has shared any posts to their story thanking people for following. Some influencers and celebrities will post story slides acknowledging a follower milestone was met.

If a story like this was shared within the last couple weeks, it's safe to assume they picked up followers since that story was posted. You could also try searching the profile name on Google along with terms like "new followers" or "gains followers" to see if any blogs, articles or gossip sites have mentioned them reaching a new follower count.

Checking someone's Instagram profile through a third party SMM panel is another method. Reputable SMM services offer panels where you can view more in-depth analytics about any public profile, including estimates of follower growth over time.

Of course, the only way to truly see the very latest users who followed a profile is if you have the profile's login credentials. Instagram does not currently offer any functionality for even account holders to see a detailed recent followers list, only the overall follower count.

Unless the profile owner is willing to share, you cannot access a real-time view of their newly added followers. Your best options are to monitor engagement signals and check third party SMM panel analytics as mentioned above to get an idea if the person you're interested in picked up any new fans lately on Instagram.

No matter who you want to check or your reasons for wanting to view recent followers, staying engaged with social media is important. By interacting with creators you enjoy, you can help expose their new content to more potential followers. Don't forget to regularly post fresh and engaging content yourself to attract new fans daily.

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