How To Share Youtube Video On Instagram Story

Sharing your YouTube videos on Instagram is a great way to promote your content to a new audience on social media. Instagram stories provide an engaging format to showcase short clips from your longer YouTube videos. This can help drive more traffic back to your YouTube channel. Here are the simple steps to share YouTube videos on Instagram stories:

Start by logging into your Instagram account on your mobile device. Tap the story camera icon at the top of your profile page to create a new story. You have the option to either take a new photo or video, or select an existing one from your camera roll. For sharing YouTube videos, you'll want to select a video that is already saved on your phone.

Once you've tapped the media option, find the YouTube video you want to share. Make sure to select a short 15-30 second clip so it fits nicely within Instagram story limitations. You can trim the video directly from your camera roll if needed. With the video selected, you can now add it to your Instagram story.

You'll see some editing tools displayed at the bottom of the screen once the video is added. Tap the sticker icon to add overlays like text, questions, locations and more. These help enhance your story and direct people to your YouTube channel. Be sure to add your YouTube channel name so viewers can easily find the full video.

Instagram also gives you the option to share a preview image from the video to your story. This acts as a thumbnail to entice people to swipe up and watch the clip. To set a preview, tap the three dot menu icon in the top right of your story. Select "Story preview" and choose the frame you want displayed.

Once your story is complete with the video, overlays and preview, tap "Your Story" to post. Your followers can now swipe up to watch the YouTube clip directly within Instagram. The best part is they don't need to leave the Instagram app to view it. Sharing videos this way keeps people engaged on your profile longer.

Promoting your YouTube videos through Instagram stories is a smart way to take advantage of your combined follower base. Using relevant hashtags, geotags and call-outs to action can help expand your reach even further. Consistent cross-promotion between platforms is key. Don't forget to also share Instagram stories back to YouTube Community to keep engagement flowing both ways.

With the right promotion, your Instagram stories have potential to drive new subscribers back to your YouTube channel. Monitoring click-through rates in your smm panel can provide useful insights into which types of videos and overlays are most effective. Testing different visuals, hashtags and timings will help optimize engagement over time. Make Instagram story sharing a regular part of your content strategy.

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