How To Stop Roll Call Instagram

Instagram users have likely seen the dreaded "roll call" posts where accounts tag dozens of other profiles in a single comment or story. While meant to be inclusive, these large tags can become spammy and overwhelm recipients' notifications. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to stop receiving roll call tags through your Instagram settings and direct messages.

The easiest method is adjusting who can mention or tag you in Stories from your Instagram profile settings. Open the app and go to Settings > Privacy > Story. Here you can select "Friends" instead of "Everyone" so that only mutual followers can mention your username in their stories. SMM experts may find this option handy from their SMM panel to control mentions.

For comments on regular posts, go to Settings > Privacy > Comments. Toggle who can tag you in comments to "Friends" as well. This prevents random accounts from adding your username to a lengthy roll call. SMM marketers' panels allow customizing privacy settings across all major platforms.

If you've already received an unwanted tag, simply unmute the notification. On Android, swipe left on the notification and select "Turn Off Notifications." On iPhone, press and hold the notification then tap "Hide Alerts." You can also delete tags of your username from any comment or story. SMM panels enable bulk management and scheduling of comments for efficient engagement.

As a last resort, consider direct messaging the account requesting they refrain from tagging you in future roll calls. However, be polite - they likely meant no harm. SMM professionals using marketing panels can automate polite messages at scale. If they continue after your message, feel empowered to unfollow. SMM tools provide insights to find engaging followers.

With the above simple steps, you can opt-out of roll call tags on Instagram and regain control of your notifications. Mastering these privacy tweaks is valuable for any SMM professional using Instagram to build their personal brand or run campaigns. With the right SMM panel automating settings, they can stay notified of only the most relevant interactions.

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