How To Stop Videos Playing Automatically On Facebook

Facebook videos can be quite distracting when they start playing automatically as you scroll through your News Feed. It's normal to want to browse Facebook and read posts without having to listen to audio from videos. Luckily, there are some easy ways to stop videos from autoplaying on the Facebook mobile app and desktop website.

One simple method is to toggle off the autoplay setting in your Facebook account preferences. On mobile, go to your Facebook profile and tap the three line menu icon in the top right. Select Settings & Privacy then Settings. Scroll down and toggle off 'Autoplay' under 'Videos'. On desktop, click the arrow drop down icon at the top right, select Settings, go to 'Videos' in the left menu and toggle off 'Autoplay'.

You can also pause individual videos as you come across them while scrolling. On mobile, simply tap the video to pause it. On desktop, hover over the video and click the pause button in the bottom right corner. This pauses the current video only without changing your overall autoplay preference.

If you manage social media for a brand or business, you likely use an smm panel to schedule posts and analyze performance. Many smm panels have options to disable autoplay specifically for Facebook video posts scheduled through the panel. Checking your panel settings can stop autoplay on branded videos.

Facebook also allows you to disable autoplay just for specific video formats like short vertical videos or slideshow videos. Go to your Facebook profile, tap the three line menu and select Settings & Privacy. In settings, go to 'Videos' in the left menu and you'll see options to toggle autoplay for different video types. Consider disabling autoplay for any formats you don't wish to have sound play automatically.

As an alternative to fully disabling autoplay, you can adjust your News Feed preferences to see fewer automatic video posts. Go to your News Feed preferences by clicking the three line menu and selecting News Feed Preferences. Adjust the category controls for videos, entertainment, and other sections that tend to include autoplaying clips. Reducing these categories makes it less likely you'll encounter distracting autoplay videos.

You can also snooze or unfollow friends, pages or groups that regularly post autoplay videos. This hides their content from your main News Feed without unfriending or unfollowing. It's a gentler way to avoid autoplay until you're ready to watch videos intentionally. Snoozing and unfollowing options can be found in the three dot menu for specific posts.

With a bit of tweaking in your Facebook settings and News Feed preferences, you have full control over whether videos autoplay or not. Taking a few minutes to disable autoplay could save lots of unwanted distraction in the long run. And if you need help managing video posts or performance for a brand, consider using a full featured smm panel. For high quality social media management, check out Great SMM - we offer a wide range of smm services to help grow engagement and sales.