How to Turn Off Narrator on YouTube

How to Turn Off Narrator on YouTube

YouTube has become an important place to learn, have fun, and get knowledge in this digital age. But for some YouTube users, the voice feature, which is meant to help people who have trouble seeing, can be a distraction if it is turned on by accident.

For a smooth watching experience, you need to know how to turn off the announcer on YouTube. This guide will show you how to turn this feature off so that your YouTube experience is exactly how you want it to be.

First, it's important to know that YouTube's voice feature is part of the site's accessibility features. One of these features is called "Audio Descriptions," and it talks about the things you see in a movie. This is an important tool for people who have trouble seeing, but not everyone may need it. Start by playing any YouTube movie to turn off the voice-over. You'll know the function is on when the narrator starts to talk about the movie.

The way you turn off the narrator is a little different based on the gadget you're using. When you're on a PC, look for the gear-shaped settings icon in the bottom right part of the video player. When you click on this button, a choice will show up.

Go to the "Subtitles/CC" choice from here. If "English (auto-generated)" or a similar choice is chosen, click on it to remove it. The narrator for the movie you're watching should be turned off after this move.

The process is pretty much the same for mobile users. Tap on the screen while watching a movie to see the video choices. To get to the video options, tap on the three dots in the upper or lower right corner. After that, click "Off" next to "Captions." This will turn off the voice-over for the movie on your phone.

Also, it's important to note that the person who made some movies may have added the announcer feature to the audio track. This means that you might not be able to turn off the announcer in YouTube's settings. But these kinds of situations don't happen very often.

In addition to these steps, YouTube has many other features that make it easier for everyone to watch videos, such as closed subtitles and text sizes that can be changed. These features are part of YouTube's effort to make material available to a wide range of people.

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