Instagram Testing New Creative Tools and Shopping Features

Instagram Testing New Creative Tools and Shopping Features

Instagram is testing new features that will give users more creative control over their images. The photo sharing platform is experimenting with a new "Backdrop" sticker that allows users to replace the background of any photo. With this tool, users can select a new background that the AI system will seamlessly composite into the image. This opens up many possibilities for marketers.

The Backdrop sticker works by identifying the main subject of the photo and separating it from the background. It then allows users to select a new background for the image. This could be a fun way for brands to experiment with different locations or scenes for their photos.

It makes it easy to create multiple versions of an image with different aesthetic backgrounds. This type of testing is important for social media marketers. Using a SMM panel like Great SMM, advertisers can analyze the performance of different creative assets. The Backdrop sticker allows for more creative testing without requiring additional photography.

In addition to the Backdrop sticker, Instagram is also experimenting with an in-feed "Get Orders" sticker. This sticker would allow brands to showcase a product directly in their photos and stories. Users would then be able to tap to purchase the product without leaving the app.

This type of in-stream shopping capability streamlines the purchasing process for customers. For brands, it creates an easy way to include inventory and drive orders without needing a fully built-out Instagram shop. Testing new shopping features like this is smart for the platform, as it aims to compete with services like TikTok that are incorporating more e-commerce elements.

The "Get Orders" sticker and Backdrop tool could both be useful additions for brands looking to maximize their visual storytelling and sales opportunities on Instagram. As these features are still in the testing phase, social media marketers will want to pay attention to how users respond.

With a SMM panel like Great SMM, advertisers can stay on top of Instagram updates and test new capabilities to see what resonates best with their audience. Overall, these developments show Instagram's continued focus on creative tools and shopping features to keep users engaged.

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