Is TikTok Becoming a Trusted News Platform for Users?

Is TikTok Becoming a Trusted News Platform for Users?

When it comes to the constantly changing world of social media, TikTok has become an important site for both fun and possibly news. Nick Hagar from the New York Times and Nicholas Diakopoulos from Northwestern University recently released a study in New Media and Society that looks into how news material is suggested on TikTok's "For You" page.

The Reuters Institute of Journalism found that by the end of 2022, about half of the world's top news outlets were using TikTok. This study is especially important in light of this information.

The study's method involved making a "pipeline" to scrape suggested TikTok accounts, starting with well-known news accounts in the United States. Then, the researchers used 60 bots that were designed to be interested in different levels of news to look at the kind of information that was being suggested. It's strange that only six of the 6,568 movies that were sent to these bots were marked as news. This result shows that popular news material on TikTok doesn't get many recommendations.

The study shows that people's tastes are changing on social media sites. People are more interested in "personalities" than in major news stories, and this is true not only on TikTok but also on YouTube, Instagram, and other sites. In the past, platforms like Twitter have been used to focus on major news sources. This trend, on the other hand, is different.

Journalists and people who make news videos for TikTok often have trouble getting used to the platform's unique way of making videos. Some traditional writers may find it hard to work with TikTok's video-based style or think that the site's users are too young. But some reporters and news hosts, like CNN's Max Foster, have figured out how to use TikTok well and built up large fan bases.

The study also shows that younger people have a wider idea of what important is. They are more likely to be interested in material that is both educational and fun, which is a lot of what you can find on TikTok. Data from Google and OfCom shows that a lot of young people look to TikTok for news and information, which supports this trend even more.

In the end, the study says that traditional news outlets need to change to keep up with how social media is changing and what younger people want. To make news work on TikTok, you need to know how to use the platform's unique content style and ways that users like to interact with content.

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