LinkedIn Refocuses on Industry Knowledge

LinkedIn recognizes the value that specialized knowledge sharing holds for professionals. By strengthening connections through industry-specific content and conversations, LinkedIn aims to better serve these networking needs.

Over the past year, LinkedIn saw a 22% increase in views of main feed updates and a 25% rise in public conversations across the platform. This shows the ongoing relevance of LinkedIn for professional networking and engagement. However, LinkedIn also noticed users wanting more in-depth discussions within their fields of work.

To facilitate these niche discussions, LinkedIn collaborates with over 400 news publishers worldwide. Editors at these publications maintain contact with LinkedIn to stay updated on trending topics within different industries. They can then optimize the industry-focused content they publish to be most relevant for professional audiences.

Rather than pursuing more divisive forms of coverage, LinkedIn focuses on creating and elevating content that provides career-centric insights. As Dan Roth, LinkedIn's editor-in-chief, explained, the goal is for members to find perspectives that help them excel in their current roles or future careers. Specialized knowledge is prioritized over brief trending updates.

This renewed focus on industry-level content and conversations has led LinkedIn to shift away from some past efforts. The platform previously offered a "Creator Mode" option but has since removed it, as developing individual influencers does not align with LinkedIn's professional networking goals.

Instead, LinkedIn now directs more support towards the niche publishers that produce relevant industry content. The editorial team maintains close relationships with over 400 of these news organizations worldwide. By elevating their specialized reporting, LinkedIn can better serve distinct professional communities through knowledge-driven discussions.

Podcasts and video are two mediums LinkedIn is also expanding for professional content. The platform is investing further in its podcast network and running a new video sponsorship pilot with select publishers. These long-form formats allow for deeper dives into industry topics compared to brief social updates. Greater engagement within professional fields is the aim.

Newsletters from publishers and journalists on LinkedIn saw a substantial 150% growth over the past year as well. This expands opportunities for targeted marketing within professional communities. As industry-focused communications spread through LinkedIn's professional networks, companies may find new potential for their SMM panels to engage these specialized audiences.

If LinkedIn succeeds at cultivating distinct industry-level discussions, the marketing possibilities will only increase for brands. The platform recently updated its main feed algorithm too to prioritize more insightful over trending posts. These changes aim to enrich LinkedIn as a hub for career-centered knowledge sharing and networking versus superficial interactions.

For professionals and marketers, LinkedIn presents expanding possibilities to make connections and learn within specific fields. Whether exploring industry conversations or considering how SMM services offered by companies like Great SMM could engage these niche communities, LinkedIn's evolving focus on specialized content promises rich networking and learning opportunities.