One of the most famous tools for generating memes, and perhaps the first of its kind, MemeGenerator is an online meme generator that you can use when you want to add captions to your images. You can check out the most popular images to create your memes.
Just click on an image, or you can choose to go to the "create" menu to start making a meme with your own picture.
Do you want to design a meme from pictures that are already popular memes? It’s doable thanks to DIYLOL.
Just choose an image that already exists and add your text on top and bottom: you can modify the font color and size for your text, very easily. You will finally be able to download the image and share it with the world.


Canva stands out from other sites by going much further and giving you professionally created templates that you can use for your memes. More than a million “stock” photos are at your disposal. This is a much larger selection than other sites.

Meme Center

Meme Center has 4 different modes which are “quick meme”, “meme builder”, “GIF maker”, and “uploader”. It also comes with many popular meme templates so you can quickly generate a meme from them.
Meme Center is not necessarily intended for laymen, it has advanced functions and requires the execution of flash, which seems slightly obsolete… In addition, you must open an account to be able to create memes.
Of course, you can also upload your own image, add text, and then create the meme. It is a very complete tool, used mainly by Community Managers and other communication professionals.


iLoveIMG is amongst the simplest websites to use if you wish to generate a meme. The homepage helps you to upload a picture or select a meme template to begin.
Text boxes are already there, just click on them to feature your text. A menu then will appear and will allow you to select your text. If you would like to feature extra lines, you'll be able to do this too.
It is even possible to put a picture on top of another one to mix several memes.

Make a Meme

Make a Meme website welcomes you with pictures of the foremost memes. You'll be able to click on any of those pictures, and you will get an easy interface that prompts you for the upper text, bottom text, and your custom title. Simply click on “make a meme” and voila! your meme is prepared.
You can even upload your own picture and add text identically. You furthermore may have the chance to preview your memes before creating them and to change the font or its color, by opening an account.


Quickmeme is an online meme creation tool for anyone who wants a simple, no-frills experience. You will be able to check featured memes, which show you the most popular ones on current trends.
To create a meme from the very beginning, just go to "upload a funny". If you want to select an already viral photo and insert your own text, you can do so by using the “meme caption” feature.

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