Newsjacking, what is it?

Newsjacking, what is it?

Newsjacking translates to "diversion of news". It, therefore, consists of diverting viral news to make your brand more visible to your audience, but also to capture the interest of an audience that was not intended to know you.
This marketing strategy has long been used by major brands. Well mastered, it has the advantage of propelling a brand quickly to the front of the stage, and at a lower cost!
We find the technique on most social networks, even if it finds its place on Twitter, which is the social network for hot news.

The key to practicing newsjacking is responsiveness!

Communicating information that everyone has forgotten will not improve your visibility, quite the contrary! The goal of the marketing practice is to create buzz and therefore to be extremely responsive. It is therefore essential to have a good command of social media and to be on the lookout for news in real-time. The objective is of course to create a surprise!

Who can do newsjacking?

Do not think that the practice of marketing is reserved for big brands, quite the contrary… It is an excellent process for SMEs who wish to obtain more visibility, especially if you do not have a substantial advertising budget!
The most important thing is to keep your editorial line and to agree with your communication strategy so as not to convey anything other than your brand image. A bad buzz can happen very quickly, and it is essential to select THE right news!

The pros and cons of newsjacking

Now let's see the benefits of the practice of newsjacking on your SEO:
Increase your notoriety by surfing on trends
Attract a large number of visitors to your website
Boost your conversion rate
Increase your visibility on search engines
Improve your natural referencing

Newsjacking is a very powerful marketing lever that will considerably improve your sympathy capital with a large audience.

But beware of its main drawback: the bad buzz! The border can be quickly crossed between quirky humor and bad taste. The public's sentence is then drastic, and your e-reputation can be reduced to nothing in a few moments... Avoid questionable news and serious events that can offend your audience and beware of irony that can be misinterpreted.
Newsjacking best practices: It's time to get hands-on and integrate the technique into your content marketing!
The advantage of newsjacking is that it can be broadcast in all possible formats:
-Press release (true or false)
-Humorous picture…
You will be spoiled for choice of content for your publications! The most important thing is that it be short and concise. The shorter a post is, the faster it is understood and shared.