Pinterest and Instagram: Comparison

Pinterest and Instagram: Comparison

Since their launch on the American market in 2010, the two social networks Pinterest and Instagram have experienced a real wave of popularity. These two services are also experiencing growing success in France, making them a preferred marketing tool for companies. Pinterest and Instagram are platforms for showcasing products or brands while benefiting from the influence of your followers, but this is different from Facebook and Twitter.

What do Pinterest and Instagram have in common?

Both social networks share the same principle: Users upload, share, and comment on photos that can be seen by registered users. Thanks to this high degree of interaction between users, their content achieves a powerful reach. The more followers you have on these platforms, the more your content will be seen and shared.
Pinterest, like Instagram, is a real source of “influencers”, users who benefit from very high visibility on these networks. They are generally artists, sportsmen, journalists, or even bloggers. Their opinions and the content they share have a strong influence on other users of these platforms. The articles and photos they post can greatly increase the reputation and degree of popularity of the products or services mentioned.

Differences between Pinterest and Instagram

Although the two social networks have many points in common at first glance, there are nevertheless big differences between Pinterest and Instagram, starting with the number of people registered. Instagram has nearly 1.4 billion users worldwide, almost four times more than Pinterest. But it would be ill-advised to draw hasty conclusions from these figures by decreeing that Instagram is the most suitable medium as a marketing tool. It is your marketing strategy that will determine which platform is most suitable for your project.

Why choose Pinterest and Instagram?

The comparison of these two photo-sharing platforms shows that being active on Pinterest does not preclude being active on Instagram or vice versa. So, we can't talk about "Instagram vs. Pinterest” since the two social networks offer different marketing benefits. Combining the two services is an attractive alternative, even if it involves twice the workload. However, it is not recommended to be active on Pinterest if you do not have high-quality images, as the competition is very strong there. When it comes to Instagram, your success highly depends on your ability to create influential contacts.

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