Pinterest Boosts Support for Underrepresented Creators with Shopify Partnership

Pinterest has announced an expansion of its "Pinterest Inclusion Fund," an initiative designed to provide support and resources to creators from underrepresented communities. The fund aims to help these creators grow and cultivate their business potential on the Pinterest platform. In a significant development, Pinterest has partnered with Shopify, a leading global commerce company, to further enhance the program's reach and impact.

The collaboration between Pinterest and Shopify will focus on upskilling content producers from underrepresented communities by providing them with the necessary resources to optimize their organic content and growth on the platform. The program is set to launch in the United States and Canada, with plans to expand to five new markets later this year, including Australia, Indonesia, India, Argentina, and Mexico. Additionally, the initiative will return to six previous markets: the US, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, and the UK.

Since its initial launch in 2021, the Pinterest Inclusion Fund has already provided support to over 150 content producers, facilitating expanded offerings and opportunities within the app. The program's primary goal is to empower small businesses, independent publishers, and boutique creator agencies owned and operated by individuals from historically marginalized communities.

In the United States and Canada, the fund specifically targets businesses within the BIPOC, Disability, LGBTQIA+, and plus-size communities. However, regional variations allow Pinterest to extend support to a broader range of creators from different backgrounds and groups, maximizing the program's impact and reach.

To be eligible for the Pinterest Inclusion Fund, businesses must be at least 50% owned and operated by those from underrepresented communities or stock 70% or more of their products from sources that support consumers from the same communities. This targeted approach ensures that the fund's resources are directed towards those who need them most, fostering a more diverse and inclusive creative ecosystem on the platform.

The addition of Shopify as a partner in this initiative is a significant milestone, as it will provide more direct storefront support to creators. By leveraging Shopify's expertise and resources, Pinterest can help more creators turn their creative vision into a thriving business reality. This partnership underscores Pinterest's commitment to empowering diverse voices and supporting the growth of underrepresented communities on its platform.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for businesses and creators to have access to the tools and resources they need to succeed. Initiatives like the Pinterest Inclusion Fund, in collaboration with partners like Shopify, play a vital role in leveling the playing field and ensuring that diverse voices have the opportunity to thrive in the online space.

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