Pinterest Reveals Top Color Trends Set to Dominate 2024

Pinterest Reveals Top Color Trends Set to Dominate 2024

As a new year begins, it's always fascinating to observe emerging trends and forecast what's likely to take off in the months ahead. One place we can gain real insight into visual and aesthetic trends is on Pinterest, which provides a unique window into creativity and inspiration across industries.

By deeply analyzing the most popular pins and boards related to color over the past year, Pinterest's experts have identified five palettes that seem poised for widespread popularity in 2024. At the top of the list is "Gummy Pink", a rich warm pink currently inspiring everything from fashion runways to living room makeovers. Its playful yet sophisticated vibe makes it an easy choice for diverse applications.

Another standout shade is "Desert Orange", an earthy burnt hue perfect for rustic or natural themes. Not only is it showing strong resonance for home decor, but also surfaces for many crafts like pottery, textiles and artisanal goods that embrace handmade aesthetics. Its versatility and connection to the landscape likely contribute to its broad appeal.

Coming in third is "Aqua Blue", a refreshing aquatic tone that feels made for beachy or tropical vibes from resort wear to destination marketing. Its cooling properties and association with leisure activities position it well for travel trends. "Moss Green" also made the trending palette list, with its lush verdant tones bringing the outdoors inside through gardening, plant life and outdoor living space designs.

Rounding out the top five colors is "Mocha Brown", a rich chocolatey brown lending sophistication to furnishings, accessories, and all things related to home and living. Its warm neutrality allows it to pair beautifully with various hues while complementing wood, stone and other natural materials.

For SMM panels and creative professionals, monitoring visual search patterns on a platform like Pinterest offers valuable guidance around what aesthetics are inspiring people and driving engagement. This type of predictive trend data can directly impact design, campaign strategies and content roadmaps. Keeping abreast of which colors receive the most saves ensures messaging stays relevant.

Be sure to check out Pinterest's full 2024 color trend report for some cross-industry inspiration applicable to SMM. It may provide just the boost creative needs to connect more compellingly with target audiences. Finally, for outstanding SMM services and strategies to succeed in this coming year, don't forget to explore Great SMM.

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