Refer to influencers

Refer to influencers

An influencer is a person who influences his/her followers. There are thousands of them, between small influencers with a few thousand followers, and big influencers with millions of followers. Look for influencers who are active in the industry you work in, for example, if you sell women's clothing, look for influencers in the field of fashion, preferably from your target geographic area. After you have decided on the influencers you will be doing business with, write to them, and offer them a deal to cooperate with you by promoting your products in exchange for free products, or a sum of money.

Use Instagram Shopping

One of the benefits of creating a business account on Instagram is that it allows you to use the Instagram Shopping feature, which allows you to view your products on the account, where you can publish information about your products through blogs and publications, and in Instagram stories.
When a visitor clicks on the product tag, they will be taken to a page containing a description of the product, a picture of the product, its price, and other useful information. In other words, Instagram Shopping turns your Instagram account into a business front.

Using Paid Advertising in Instagram Marketing

Ads are the fastest way to promote one’s product through Instagram, attract more followers and increase sales, also, you can control them, and determine the segments you target with these ads such as age, geographical location, and brands that the target audience follows with the ads.

Result analysis

After you prepare your account and build your strategy for attracting followers and marketing via Instagram. You will have to evaluate your performance. Also, this will allow you to see how far you've progressed, and whether you've met the goals you set earlier. Instagram business accounts allow you to use Instagram Insights analytics tools, which you can use to get important information about your followers, and engagement with your posts, and analyze the results of your marketing campaigns.

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