Set the example

Set the example

Initially, do not be too ambitious. It will first be necessary to convince internally, set the example, and prove the effectiveness of the approach by the result.

1/ Embark top management
Getting the company's management teams on board is an essential element for motivating the troops and not asking the teams to take actions that would be too unrelated to the reality of your market and current good practices on social networks. By involving managers, they will have a clearer vision of practices on social networks and of the changes brought about by these new uses in the daily work of teams.

2/ Prove with a team of Ambassadors - early adopters
Starting small will allow you to:
-Better understand field needs and business issues,
-Refine the future device,
-Onboard the 1st Ambassadors to involve employees through the result,
-Provide evidence before deploying the ambassador strategy.
You will thus be able to go faster, be more agile and produce results in the short term that will allow you to convince internally both employees and decision-makers.

Highlight the various pro-personal benefits
From the first actions, you will be able to see benefits, both for the company and the employee. Here are some examples of benefits you can highlight.

1/ Benefits for the brand...
By making your employees ambassadors, you multiply the impact of your content strategy. According to LinkedIn, your employees have two main strengths:
Employees are higher value touchpoints than brands.
Employees provide better visibility and generate more engagement.
Employee advocacy is above all a way of allowing your employees to be attached to your brand again by allowing them to share the content of which they would be proud. You will therefore have gained twice: notoriety but also a new attachment of your employees to the brand.

2/ ... and above all benefits for your employees
On the employee side, it is the individual digital image that will be optimized:
By increasing the visibility of the profile as a privileged interlocutor in a sector of activity,
By developing an image in a controlled manner both on social networks and on Google,
By developing a network of qualified contacts,
By getting more professional recommendations.
On the KAM and account managers’ side, the approach will enable them to strengthen their commercial efficiency:
By engaging in an ongoing relationship with their customers (online and offline),
By supplying qualified interlocutors with content relating to their issues,
By being present in the right place at the right time,
By having a better follow-up of the news of the customers.