Snapchat and Fospha: Optimizing Social Media Performance

Snapchat and Fospha: Optimizing Social Media Performance

Snapchat has announced a new partnership with digital measurement platform Fospha that will provide marketers with deeper insights into their campaign performance. Through this collaboration, Fospha will integrate with Snapchat to offer more advanced tracking and analysis of ad campaigns run on the platform.

Rather than just surface-level metrics like impressions, clicks and cost, Fospha will leverage techniques such as multi-touch attribution and media mix modeling to evaluate the true impact of Snapchat ads.

This will include understanding influence across the entire customer journey, from initial awareness campaigns through to purchase. Being able to attribute results more accurately is important as the digital landscape evolves away from cookies.

By tapping into Fospha's measurement tools, marketers will gain a more well-rounded perspective on how Snapchat fits into their broader marketing strategy. The partnership should help optimize ad spend allocation and prove the value Snapchat brings as part of a cross-channel approach. Fospha has experience analyzing Snapchat campaigns for its own clients, giving it deep insights into what drives growth through the platform.

This data will now be available to all marketers working with either Fospha or Snapchat directly. Advertisers will be able to access reports showing how Snapchat exposure contributes to key goals like increased website visits, app installs or e-commerce transactions. With more transparency on performance, brands can refine creatives, targeting and frequency to maximize return on ad spend.

The addition of Fospha expands Snapchat's existing network of over 70 partners that assist with campaign setup, management and reporting. Marketers have a variety of options to choose from when building out their Snapchat strategy based on specific needs and budgets.

Whether working with an agency or internal team, using measurement and optimization tools available through the SMM panel can help squeeze every last drop of value from campaigns.

For any marketer looking to strengthen their Snapchat efforts, exploring the various solutions listed as official partners is recommended. This will help streamline processes and provide actionable insights.

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