Snapchat Reveals Insights on Effective Ad Campaign Strategies

Snapchat has recently released a new study that sheds light on the effectiveness of different ad campaign strategies on its platform. The study, which was conducted in collaboration with TransUnion and Dentsu, analyzed data from 36 advertisers across various verticals over a period of three years. The aim was to determine how the focus of campaigns, whether on branding or direct response, impacts their overall performance and drives sales activity within the app.

The findings of the study reveal that both brand and direct response campaigns contribute significantly to driving sales on Snapchat, with their relative performance closely aligned to the amount spent on each approach. This suggests that advertisers can achieve optimal results by investing in a combination of both strategies, rather than focusing solely on one or the other.

Snapchat's research also highlights the importance of brand activity in driving sales on its platform. Across all the categories analyzed, brand campaigns were found to drive above-average return on ad spend (ROAS), with the Commerce category, in particular, showing higher ROAS for brand spend compared to direct response campaigns. This trend was consistent across all the verticals included in the study, emphasizing the significance of brand-building efforts on Snapchat.

Furthermore, the study revealed that running brand and direct response campaigns concurrently delivers incremental ROAS compared to running them in isolation. This finding underscores the synergistic effect of combining both approaches, as they work together to maximize reach, resonance, and ultimately, drive more sales.

While the study's conclusion may not be entirely surprising, given that it was published by Snapchat itself, the data provides valuable insights for advertisers looking to optimize their ad strategies on the platform. By increasing their spend across both brand and direct response campaigns, advertisers can leverage the strengths of each approach to achieve better overall performance and higher sales activity.

As businesses and marketers navigate the ever-evolving landscape of social media advertising, it is crucial to stay informed about the most effective strategies for reaching and engaging target audiences. Snapchat's study offers actionable insights that can help advertisers make data-driven decisions when allocating their ad budgets and designing their campaigns.

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