Snapchat Teams Up with Samba TV for Enhanced Entertainment Ad Metrics

Snapchat Teams Up with Samba TV for Enhanced Entertainment Ad Metrics

Snapchat and Samba TV have just launched a groundbreaking relationship. This is a big step forward for social media marketing and measuring viewer size. This partnership is going to change the way marketers, especially those in the entertainment business, see how their Snapchat ads are doing.

Samba TV, which is known for having deep insights into how people watch TV, will now share its knowledge with Snapchat's advertising partners. With this change, these partners will be able to get a better sense of how their in-app ads affect people.

Samba TV is the only measurement company with a global reach that covers big walled gardens, over 200 national networks in the U.S., local networks in more than 100 U.S. DMAs, and over 400 digital media. This makes it a very useful partner for Snapchat.

The partnership uses Samba TV's network, which is made up of 48 million smart TVs, to give full information on users across all platforms, such as free-to-air, cable, and streaming TV shows. With this huge amount of data, Snapchat's partners will be able to better understand how their campaigns affect general success.

One of the best things about this relationship is that media and entertainment brands can use Samba TV's currency-grade VTR solution to track how well their Snapchat ads are doing at turning people into customers.

It will be easy to see how their efforts are bringing new viewers to both linear and streaming shows, and they can also see how their different media tactics are working together. Snapchat marketers can also use Samba TV's data to make choices that are more comprehensive and based on facts in order to get the most out of their money spent on the social media site.

This change is especially important for Snap's advertising options because it gives entertainment marketers more ways to measure how well their ads are doing. Because Snapchat is so popular with young people, this relationship could help bring to light more specific response data and make it easier to link Snap ads to results for viewers.

Ad partners on Snap will soon be able to use the relationship, which starts today. This is the start of a new era in social media marketing, where insights gleaned from data are very important in making advertising plans.

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