Social media crisis management strategy

Social media crisis management strategy

Before: Animate your presence on social networks

Achieving your e-reputation can have a negative impact on your brand. To avoid these inconveniences, you must above all know how to use social networks to your advantage:
Stay reachable thanks to your means of contact (E-mail, tel, address, etc.) and by updating your opening hours, if necessary.
Respond to your subscribers' messages: it's a way to take their opinions into account and evolve with them.
Communicate regularly via posts – with relevant hashtags – or videos. And look at the reach of your posts likes, comments, and shares.
Be present in the daily life of your target: take the news and be part of their habits. Understanding the problems of your target in the face of the crisis will allow you to better respond to them.
Keep yourself informed of the competition: how is it reacting to the crisis? How does it communicate?

During: Embody the relationship

Give your brand a human face by discussing issues related to the crisis with your target. Tell yourself in the form of a story with an angle that resonates (storytelling): why are you here? How do you live things?
Being authentic and intimate allows you to maintain relationships of trust. The stories make us want to know more. Use appropriate vocabulary to hook your reader and make them feel emotions. Because through you, you talk about him!
In addition, write strong texts to highlight your brand or product and increase your notoriety. You must persuade by your words that your brand/product is "the solution" to meet the needs of your target. This is the art of a good copywriter.

After: take stock!

Take stock of the crisis: this will allow you to develop your digital communication strategy.
Always in this idea of ​​remaining "authentic" and "credible", stand out on social networks by developing a post-crisis strategy:

Write positive content: interaction with the target, feelings, and position,
Work on your visuals (humor, audacity, creativity, etc.) and your videos to convey a positive message,
Take care of your copywriting, and SEO, SEM strategy to come back on top of search engines,
Reactivate a regular schedule of your posts. Use software like Creator Studio, Hootsuite, Later, Buffer, etc.
Broadcast stories regularly and live in proximity to your audience and authenticity. They are the “darlings” of social networks.
Make an appointment with your targets and interact with them post-crisis (respond to their comments, give them importance). Social networks promote close ties.
Do not delete some negative comments,
Choose the right hashtags, not too popular (>100,000 results) and in the language of your audience.