Social media: how to communicate on TikTok?

Social media: how to communicate on TikTok?

Music is at the heart of everything

Communicating on TikTok is impossible without placing music at the heart of the content. If the videos published on Facebook or Instagram can be read without sound and subtitled, on TikTok the sound and the image are one. This, therefore, means that the creation of content is to be completely rethought for this social network, which is very different from the others. We must also imagine that creativity in this medium is limitless. Besides, the application also works like music streaming platforms. Based on the videos viewed and the profiles you subscribe to, TikTok suggests new content for you. An essential point to take into account in your marketing strategy on this social network.

What type of content to offer on TikTok?

You will understand that the video is king. But not just any type of video. Content must be:
-Brand new
-Filmed in vertical format
The types of content are multiplying, now including mini tutorials, beauty or fashion tips, accelerated cooking classes, etc.
In any case, it is essential to understand that the classic advertising format has no place on TikTok.

The hashtag challenges for optimal interactivity

Besides videos, TikTok users are very receptive to challenges. The principle is simple. Launch a challenge starting with a # and encourage TikTok users to take a specific action, like the Ice Bucket Challenge and other glorious facts from Facebook or Instagram.
Extremely effective, this type of "campaign" can be a real driver of visibility for your brand.

A co-constructed strategy

On TikTok, your content does not belong to you. It is a collaborative network. This means that users will take your video to relay or rework it. It can be extremely powerful if you embrace the codes of the network and are not afraid to use second-degree.
The advantages of such an operation obviously lie essentially in the potential virality of your content and your ability to quickly make yourself known to a large audience.
Nevertheless, several analyzes tend to prove that it is complicated to obtain sustainability via this network, as an advertisement on Instagram or Facebook can offer you.

Working with influencers: The key to success

Despite its originality, TikTok does not escape the standards of social networks. Communicating on TikTok is based on influence marketing.
To create a place for yourself and to get your message delivered, you need to seek out influencers whose audience matches your target. TikTok can also offer its own influencers to assist you.
Of course, setting up a communication strategy on TikTok is not of interest to all companies. If your target is young, adolescents, the investment is interesting. If you sell decorative items, for example, you are unlikely to be successful on TikTok.