Social media: The top 8 tools to generate hashtags

Social media: The top 8 tools to generate hashtags

To increase your reach, recruit new followers and promote your new products, hashtags are essential. Most social networks now accept tracking via these words preceded by a hash mark. However, these key terms are mostly used on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
In order to increase your visibility, it is recommended to diversify your hashtags and combine popular words with terms specific to your activity.


Want to know the trending hashtags on Twitter? The site lists, in real-time, popular hashtags and those that are on the decline.
You will also be able to find out which ones are used by sector of activity (television, business, environment, social, etc.) and the number of tweets published per hour, containing these hashtags.
This tool also allows you to analyze your own keywords to find out if they are relevant, popular and sought after by users.

2. TagsFinder

If you lack inspiration, TagsFinder is a perfect tool for you! Whether for Instagram or Pinterest, it is not always easy to diversify your hashtags or find ten for a post.
With TagsFinder, you enter a few words, and the tool then gives you all the other related terms. All you must do is select the most consistent with your business and your target.

3. Photerloo

Innovative and unique, Phertoloo invites you to upload the photo you want to post on Instagram or Pinterest.
Its software, which relies on machine learning, then detects the relevant hashtags to illustrate the image. All you have to do is copy then paste!


HSHTG is an iPhone and iPad app that works like TagsFinder. You provide 2-3 hashtags, and it completes the list with related terms.
A handy tool if you post to social media from your phone.

5. Sistrix

A major digital player, Sistrix offers several free tools to help companies optimize their presence on the Internet. Among the tools offered: is a hashtag generator.
After entering a few keywords related to your industry or product, Sistrix lists the most searched related hashtags. The goal is for your Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest posts to generate more views from a qualified audience.

6. Twitter Trends

When you connect to your Twitter account, the social network offers you an insert with “Trends for you”. This one is a real gold mine to find topics and hashtags to exploit!
You will find the most popular hashtags, the most searched hashtags in your sector of activity, as well as daily appointments.

7. AllHashtag

From a word, AllHashtag analyzes the ecosystem of hashtags published on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to make suggestions.
You can then choose keywords based on 3 criteria:
-top hashtags
-Random hashtags
-Most popular hashtags nowadays

8. Display Purposes

To avoid hashtags targeted by Instagram's "shadowban", Display Purposes comes in handy! Enter the nickname used for your profile and the tool notifies you of the banned hashtags you are using.
Plus, you can use it to find terms accepted by Instagram to increase your reach.
Each time you enter a hashtag, the tool gives it a color score: green, orange, or red. This lets you know if the selected keywords are allowed. Display Purposes also offers a list of hashtags matching your search to help you optimize your posts.

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