Take good care of your visual identity: Why is it so important?

Take good care of your visual identity: Why is it so important?

Important? More than that. It is fundamental!
If you really want to count on the entrepreneurial landscape, taking care of your visual identity is a must. If you don't have a visual identity you don't exist.
This translates the DNA of your company, its soul, and its values. This is what allows you to identify it at first glance, even before you have read your name. I guess if we mention companies like Apple, Nike, or Twitter you immediately see their logo. Better than that, you are immediately transported into the universe of these brands. Some represent a well-identifiable way of life (“Just do it!”), others can live even without the brand being mentioned (“Shake it to Wake it!”)
Ok. You chose your name carefully. Maybe you have a brand logo. It's a good start. But a visual identity goes much further than that.
Your visual identity must be unique and original. It must reflect the soul of your business and your customers must recognize themselves in it.
This is what will make the difference between an ordinary company and a company with which we like to identify.

Visual identity: What is it exactly?

A visual identity consists of a subtle balance between:

the use of distinctive signs, pictograms, silhouettes… characteristics of your activity
To achieve this perfect match, it will be necessary to create a graphic charter. And, since we are in the process of creating a universe, it must be transposable on any medium, whether paper (flyers, catalogs, business cards, etc.) or digital. Whether we are on your blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, or on any other social network, we must be able to feel that we are at home just by visualizing the graphic shades, the colors, the shapes of the photos...

Here are 3 tips to harmonize your visual identity on social networks:

Design a graphic charter

It is a document that describes your choices in terms of fonts, color harmonization, location of graphic elements, logos, and texts... This document will be available for all possible media: paper, web, billboards, vehicles, social networks …
This graphic charter can be shared with anyone in charge of communicating about your company. This information will allow it to follow the established codes and maintain the consistency of your communications.

Precisely determine the appearance of each social network in your graphic charter

You can plan the elements to insert for banners, wallpapers, and avatars for each social network you will use. You can also create recurring visuals for your publications that will be recognizable at a glance by your community.
Remember to test them on each medium: computer screen, tablet, smartphone. It must be clearly legible on each of them.

 Be consistent

We must recognize your graphic universe on each of the social networks that you manage. For this, you will need to use exactly the same colors and fonts everywhere.
When choosing your typography and colors, check that they are available on all media and all social networks. Save the color codes in their various versions (HTML, RGB, and CMYK codes) as well as the name of the fonts.