The benefits of converting your subscribers into ambassadors

The benefits of converting your subscribers into ambassadors

Like any business, you need growing brand awareness and constant visibility.
You know that social networks are fundamental today. You are therefore present and more or less active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn…
But are you there simply to expose your offers, or have you understood the power that your subscribers represent?
Oh yes! If you do things the right way, it's not just one-way trade. Among them are spontaneous people who strongly identify with your brand and trust you. The values ​​you convey touch them and they defend your offers to their physical or virtual surroundings.
This, without being asked to do so. Just because they love your products and everything you stand for.
These subscribers are true ambassadors and give you natural legitimacy. They allow you to establish a human relationship with your target. They communicate your vision and your ideas 24 hours a day, in this ultra-connected world.
In addition to being real spokespersons, they bring you, at a lower cost, a significant return on investment. This is by creating a snowball effect with their peers. According to a McKinsey study, 76% trust content shared by people more than information conveyed by brands. This is the very principle of word of mouth.

5 keys to converting your subscribers into brand ambassadors

1) Quality content

Provide them with high added value content on a regular basis. They must be able to easily share them on their social networks, especially on Facebook and Instagram, because these two networks have the most traffic.
In this sense, the organization of contests is extremely effective in creating links. The icing on the cake: you make your subscribers happy.
A contest stimulates engagement and arouses real enthusiasm. But make sure it "looks like" your brand, that it doesn't look superficial, for the sole purpose of garnering subscribers.
Also share the publications or Stories in which members of your community talk about your products, and even use them (or wear them). Study these shares carefully to understand which formats or themes arouse the most interest.

2) Emotion and trust

Provide them with emotions while being sincere and honest: joy, pain, compassion, humor, and even anger sometimes (but with precaution).
True emotions bring a human dimension, and we are all sensitive to it.
Be transparent regarding your brand. Do not hide any information that could harm the relationship you have with your audience. Finally: always keep your promises!

3) Respected values

 Highlight strong values, in the field of environmental protection for example, and respect them scrupulously. A brand recognized as ethical and responsible unites a lot. But beware of greenwashing: if you do it without real conviction and your actions do not correspond to your words, you risk making a bad buzz!

4) Proximity and interaction

Be close to your community. Solicit them, give them the opportunity to interact with you, and maintain a real connection with them.
They need to feel that their opinions matter. They are then even more involved and sometimes feel invested in a mission.

5) A real community

It reinforces loyalty and the desire to talk about you. Belonging to an exclusive group motivates to convert other people and potential customers.
These privileged subscribers must be informed as a priority of the news and news of your brand.
To feed this community, various avenues are available to you:

Set up VIP status, a loyalty program, or a referral system.
Create and develop partnerships.
Organize events and competitions.
Offer products or benefit from impactful discounts.
Publish their reviews (according to a survey by Wethic Certification, 79% of respondents said that reviews have an important role in their purchasing decision).
Benefit from exclusivities.